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Feb 24, 2004
Amused Google

I decided to google my own blog, blaarg, and was amused to find that it has been linked to from some other webpage. I have therefore decided to use this motivation (and the motivation of my PhD statistics being the other thing I could and should be doing) to update all my listeners and educatees. So, data still being plural, I shall start, soon, my name and shame.


Posted at 08:59 am by Plural_data
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Aug 4, 2003
Listen up, and listen up good

This is it. For too long, across too many languages, across too many continents, people have been lied to, cheated, misled and misinformed. Today, together, we can start the end of this. Journalists, politicians, television presenters, they all have helped perpetuate this lie, but it is WE, we scientists who to are to blame. We who sit by and let these lies be spread, we who sit idly as misinformation is allowed to flow from person to person, we who do not seek to correct the truth. Policemen, prime ministers, news readers, farmers, activists and athletes, none are free from this shame, from spreading these lies, this untruth.

People of the world, I will, today and now, tell you the TRUTH! Unaltered, unfettered by decades, nay centuries of misinformation, today you will learn one, ONE, of mankinds greatest errors. Here you have it good people of Earth - data, are PLURAL!!!!!

This is correct, and true, and I beg those of you to whom the truth has already spread to join with me in helping the poor, lied to masses to understand, to realise that when someone tells them that the data is conclusive, that they are being lied to. The data may be many things, but friends the data are PLURAL. Perhaps it is so that these data tell us many things, but THIS data tell us nothing. This data is the lie, these data are the hidden truth.

Join me friends, join me in my task of education, punishment and humiliation. I will start soon to publish in these pages each and every instance of singular data that I experience. Friends, email me - data_are_plural@hotmail.com, tell me friends where you have also experienced this lie but tell me too my friends, tell me too where our word has spread, where data are once more plural, speak out and shout the TRUTH!

Data, are plural.

Posted at 09:40 am by Plural_data
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